Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Delicious Destruction

You know you've been living in Saudi Arabia too long when Delicious is how you describe sleeping in a room akin to a meat freezer with a warm, squishy blanket covering all of you except the toe that sticks out to gauge the temperature.

I'm not as bad as my kids though, whom I now have to hide the air con remote from to make sure they don't lower the temperature further. 

But who can blame them? 

The weather here is conducive to behaviors that are planet-unfriendly: using air conditioners all day, electrical appliances and gadgets to entertain ourselves indoors, shopping malls that also use air conditioners and electricity to help us shop with reckless capitalist consumerist hedonistic abandon, the gas guzzling cars that take us between each air conditioned location.

What's a mom with an earth conscience to do? Add this to the list of guilt, pop a Panadol and wash it down with a double shot macchiato?

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